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  • A highly cost-effective way (or even free!) to give your visitors a quality mobile app experience.
  • Provide new forms of interactive information and services to existing park users.
  • Provide information in a new way, promoting increased usage of the park by potential visitors.
  • Provide a higher quality of information to park users by maintaining relevant and up-to-date content.

What does it cost?

Its free to list your park in the the My Parx mobile app. Tours can be purchased for a low annual fee.

  • List your park

    Publish photos, key attractions, interactive map, important news and upcoming events for all your parks in a rich and engaging mobile app:

    FREE, unlimited parks
  • Photo, Audio and Video tours

    Location-aware photo, text, audio and video tours create a fantastic interactive experience for parks users, and can be used in many different ways to provide interpretive experiences, showcasing your park exactly the way you want.

    $400 annually per tour

    Bulk discounts available - contact us

Introducing My Parx Manager

Easily manage your parks, maps and tours in My Parx Manager, the powerful content management system for park managers. Signup for a free account to see how easy it is to add parks and create rich interactive content for your park users.

Custom Park Information

My Parx Manager allows you to quickly add custom information to each of your parks. Describe park features, promote events, highlight attractions, and provide practical information to park visitors such as contact details and opening hours. Park managers have the power to modify, publish or unpublish custom content instantly.

Custom Park Information

Interactive Self-guided Tours

Create tours for each of your parks that include text, images, audio and video content for GPS-based tour points. My Parx Manager provides simple and intuitive tools for adding content to tour points.

Self-guided Tours
Interactive maps

Interactive Maps

Build up an interactive GPS-enabled map for each of your parks, displaying points of interest overlaid on an interactive map of the park. Park visitors see their own location on the map, and can easily orient themselves in relation to points of interest.

Connect your parks with your visitors

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